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Valerie Weber, MD of TCMC awarded primary care pre-doctoral training grant from HRSA

Friday, October 21, 2020

Scranton, Pennsylvania – Valerie Weber, MD, MS, FACP, of The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) was recently awarded a primary care pre-doctoral training grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

The award, totaling $875,000 over five years, provides funding for the implementation and evaluation of TCMC’s innovative curriculum which provides each medical student with a continuity mentor relationship with a primary care physician, from northeastern and north central counties, over the course of their four years at TCMC. This program aims to increase the number of TCMC students who will choose careers in family medicine, general internal medicine or pediatrics, an important regional and national need. The project aims to ensure that all TCMC graduates, whatever their specialty choice, will possess the skills to allow them to function well as members of interdisciplinary teams and the medical home model.

Dr. Valerie Weber, principal investigator (PI) on the grant, leads the team of faculty and staff who will carry out the project. The project is aimed to foster student awareness, through multiple points of exposure in the curriculum, of the importance of primary care clinicians in underserved and rural communities and positively affect their attitudes toward working in these settings.

“My goal is to help TCMC students reach their full potential through excellent field experiences and evaluating detailed components of this program” said Dr. Weber. “Whatever specialty they choose, medical students can receive the skills to work together as team members in the care of patients,” Dr. Weber continued.    

Dr. Weber will lead a team that tracks the students’ experiences at each level of the curriculum.  At the end of this grant, TCMC will have an in depth understanding how this program is working as part of the College’s current curriculum. This information will be shared with the national and international education community. Students will have special opportunities for summer internships in collaboration with our Area Health Education Center (AHEC) which will impact our local communities in a helpful manner.

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