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University of the Sciences and TCMC formalize articulation agreement

Wednesday, January 05, 2020

Philadelphia, Pa. - University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USciences) and The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) in Scranton have formalized an articulation agreement that would help students earn their medical doctorate degree.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for University of the Sciences students to travel in a direct path to medical school,” said Dr. Suzanne Murphy, dean of the USciences’ Misher College of Arts and Sciences. “The agreement also benefits TCMC because they receive excellent students who are prepared for the rigors of medical school.”

The agreement allows for up to seven students per year to be accepted into TCMC by way of the USciences/TCMC articulation agreement provided they meet program requirements including such things as undergraduate prerequisites, minimum GPA and MCAT as well as an interview. Students may apply to the combined USciences/TCMC program prior to admission but no later than the end of second year at USciences where they would be screened for acceptance, successfully complete four years of education including the admission requirements for TCMC’s Doctor of Medicine Program, and then graduate with a bachelor of science degree before moving on to medical school.

“Both institutions share a commitment to academic excellence, dedication to education, research, and community service which can make a seamless transition for prospective medical students to enter medical school,” stated Robert M. D’Alessandri, MD, president and dean of TCMC. “We are committed to working with institutions to develop agreements that will enhance and expand the overall educational experience for students studying in Pennsylvania,” Dr. D’Alessandri continued.

“Clearly the advantage for students is an identified seat at the start of their collegiate careers,” Dr. Murphy said.

USciences students should contact Lisa Thayer, assistant director of pre-health professions programs, at 215.596.8827 or [email protected], or visit for more information.

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