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Nation’s Newest Medical School talks Doctor Shortage on Road Trip through Northeast

Friday, November 07, 2020

Media Contact: Kathryn Delmar
Manger of Marketing Communications
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Taking a hint from the recent presidential campaign, the nation’s newest medical school is spreading the word about the school and its goals of providing an innovative medical education by traveling college to college on a 10 day bus trip. The political campaigns of the past several months have made the entire country aware of the current problems with our healthcare system and the severe doctor shortage that is facing our nation. The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) is looking to be a part of that solution by focusing on training community physicians that have a passion for caring for people and serving the underserved areas of the country.

In the coming decade: more than half of the physicians currently practicing in this country will retire. Approximately $750 million in healthcare leaves northeastern PA every year due to access issues and lack of locally provided specialty care. It is expected that in the next decade 34% of the physicians serving Pennsylvania will retire - leaving the area with a critical physician shortage. At the same time, baby boomers – the nation’s largest population segment – are entering that period of life when healthcare needs increase. The country as a whole will be nearly 200,000 physicians short. Being part of the solution to the physician shortage crisis is an important goal of the The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC).

The concept of the medical college, with the goal of admitting 70% Pennsylvanians who will hopefully stay in the area to practice medicine and care for patients has captured the attention and support of the region. During the next 20 years, the new medical school is expected to add 425 practicing physicians to Pennsylvania. In addition, the new medical school is expected to add $70 million to the local economy and create 1,000 new jobs that directly and indirectly support the school’s operations in the regions the students will be living and working in.

The College has a goal of meeting with students from 50 colleges in 10 days throughout the northeast, giving potential students the opportunity to meet one on one with faculty and leadership. Pre-medical students have the opportunity to speak with faculty, administrators and student affairs
representatives about being a part of the school’s fall 2009 charter class. The medical school has commitments in place for each MD Charter Class Scholarship in the amount of $80,000 per student ($20,000 per year) and the scholarship will be applied to cover tuition and fees for the MD Program at TCMC.

The Commonwealth Medical College will be visiting the following areas in the next two

Week one:
Monday, November 10 – Harrisburg, PA region
Tuesday, November 11 – Rochester, NY region
Wednesday, November 12 – Allentown, PA region
Thursday, November 13 – New Jersey region
Friday, November 14 – Syracuse, NY region

Week two:
Monday, November 17 – Penn State region
Tuesday, November 18 – New York City
Wednesday, November 19 – Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, November 20 – Pittsburgh, PA region
Friday, November 21 – Philadelphia, PA Suburbs

* People can follow the Bus Tour by reading the Dean’s Blog at or on the College website at

Press are welcome to attend. To schedule interviews with faculty, administration or staff or
for more information contact Kate Delmar at (570) 498-2378 or
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The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) is a new medical school that will serve all of northeastern Pennsylvania and expects to accept sixty medical students and thirty Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) students in 2009. The College has campuses in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport. TCMC has been granted degree-granting authority from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and preliminary accreditation from the Liaison Committee of Medical Education. The Commonwealth Medical College is dedicated to training the next generation of physicians in a community-based model. Focusing on selecting students with a propensity for community service, the school’s unique structure is designed to provide these students with diverse clinical experiences from the very first day of their education.

TCMC has been granted degree-granting authority from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and preliminary accreditation from the Liaison Committee of Medical Education. The Commonwealth Medical Education Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).