We connect and engage students in the community right from the beginning

Regional Campuses

Northeast Pennsylvania is home to The Commonwealth Medical College, which covers 16 counties and three regional campuses in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Williamsport. Each of these campuses is an integral part of the College’s distributive model of medical education and provides students with early clinical experiences in diverse settings.

From the very first day of medical school, students become part of the community and are assigned to one of the regional campuses. Each student is assigned a physician mentor and a multi-generational family who lives and works in the region, to work with throughout the four-year curriculum.

The multi-generational family is a unique aspect of the MD program curriculum. The family volunteers their time and allows students to observe and learn medicine from the patient perspective, including how the family makes medical decisions, pays for services, and navigates the health care system.

Regional Campus Map

Time spent in the regional campus varies by year. In year one and year two, students spend (3) one-week rotations in the region to gain clinical experience early in the learning process. In addition, students work with local health agencies and participate in community service projects that enhance the health of regional citizens.

In year three and year four, medical students live and work in the regional campus full time.

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