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MD Program

Beginning on the very first day of their medical education, students are a part of the community. Each student is assigned to a regional campus, a physician mentor, and a Family Centered Experience Program family to follow throughout the first two years of their education. 

Students receive early clinical experience as they work with their volunteer family, standardized patients, and their physician mentor during (3) one-week rotations in the regions in both year 1 and year 2. In addition to early clinical education, students participate in Community Health Research Projects (CHRPs) and Quality Improvement Community Collaboratives (QuICCs) to gain research experience, investigate and/or solve a community health issue, make an immediate impact on their regional campus community, and  enhance the health of the regional citizens.

Highlights of the MD Education Include:

  • A competency-based curriculum with integrated basic and clinical science education
  • A progressive model of medical education that utilizes clinical training sites throughout the sixteen county region
  • Each student is assigned a family and clinical mentor who will work with the student throughout their education
  • Integrated clerkship in the third year allows students to follow to follow a panel of patients over the course of a year as they train with clinical preceptors in six different core disciplines (family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, OB/GYN, and surgery). Click here for more information on the Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) Model.
  • A focus on community service and learning to work within an interprofessional medical team 

We are focused on developing a diverse community of physicians (both primary care and specialists) who are skilled in evidence-based medicine and the latest technology.

Curriculum By Year

Dual Degree Programs

Academic Calendar

Click here to access the current academic calendar for the MD Program.

Communication and Technology

TCMC places a strong emphasis on the development of effective communication skills that span the continuum of patient care through interprofessional collaboration. Each student is equipped with a mobile technology package which connects them with each other, with their professors and clinical preceptors, with group meetings and course material, and with the library from any location. 

TCMC’s academic and research programs are housed within the Medical Sciences Building and community-based learning is experienced within our regional campuses.

We are proud of our differences – and the difference we will make in the lives of our communities.